Show & Tell #33

Looky what I found while sorting through pics and slides to scan for the archives:

Emily Carr grad photos, circa 1996.
Eciad Grad 1996

L to R: Ms. Linda Layne, Ms. Tzaddi Gordon, Ms. Yours Truly, Ms. Lori Seip.

This was taken just prior to climbing into a limo and heading down to Granville Island for opening night of the Grad Show.

The official graduation ceremony was held earlier that afternoon at the Vogue theatre.  A bunch of us cheeky lasses decided to play fast and loose with gender.  We glammed it up Hollywood maven style for the opening party in the evening, but cross-dressed as straight-white-male-ishly as we could for striding across the stage and accepting the slip of paper that represented four years of artful, and artfelt, labour.

Eciad Grad 1996 Jody

I still have the dress – if I dug deep enough in the closet, I’d probably find the suit, too.

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