Show & Tell #2

This is an item I picked up for $3.99 in a collectibles/toy store in Chinatown.

Lucky Big White Shark 1

Lucky Big White Shark (or Luck Crazy Big White Shark if you go by the back of the box).

It’s basically Russian Roulette with less dire consequences – the bottom teeth are sprung and meant to be pushed down one at a time…
Lucky Big White Shark 2
The player that chooses the wrong (or right?) tooth releases the catch on the mouth, which snaps down on the player’s finger.

As if the toy itself isn’t swish enough, the translated instructions on the back are outstanding:

Lucky Big White Shark detail

By rule #7, it has morphed into beat poetry.

I have taken it out of the box and played with it – it’s pretty great. Then again, I also delight in pestering my partner into playing the Can’t Bite My Finger game. Must be the combination of suspense and possible bodily harm that I’m attracted to.

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