Show & Tell #21

In the past week I have:

1. Suffered agonizing back pain.
2. Tried not to succumb to depression due to back pain.
(The plan was to get into the studio full bore once I got
home from my London visit – hit the ground running so to
speak.  Instead I feel like I just hit the ground.  Period.)
3. Aided in the 4th annual Hallowe’en Extravanganza.

What is the Hallowe’en Extravaganza you ask?  Well…

October 2008 marks the fourth year of costume construction collaboration for my dear friend Susan’s kidlets.

This year my ex and I helped create a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger:

Power Ranger

And a Papillon Prison Dog:

Prison Dog

Sofia choose to be a prison dog after deciding the breed of dog she wanted to be was a Papillon.  This tickled my intellectual fancy to no end.  She wasn’t, of course, aware of her unintentional connection to Papillon (aka Henri Charriere, French felon famous for his 1969 novel titled: Papillon).

Which makes the connection all the more beautiful.


Thanks again, Day family, for letting us participate in your costuming fun.

Happy Hallowe’ening.

One Response to “Show & Tell #21”

  1. Tzaddi says:

    Oh. My. God. I want to be 7 years old and have you for my auntie. You are so effin’ brilliant.