Show & Tell: Northern Voice Part 2

After a nice, long lunch break and a chance to soak up some noon-day sun it was back into the Forestry Sciences Building at UBC for more unconference fun.

Mass Media Storytelling (James Chutter)

Along with cross-pollination of media (which I love), James was advocating the appropriation of existing media to reach mass audiences; using content already there and remixing it to comment or critique creatively.  I was interested to hear what he had to say, as I myself appropriate from art history, music, and pop culture.  His “screw copyright” [not a direct quote] attitude had a few folk up in arms and ignited a rigorous debate about where the line should be drawn for appropriation.  The argument could have very well been hashed about all afternoon, but alas…the session was only 30 minutes.

What’s Gender Got to Do With It? (Laura Blankenship, Leslie Madsen-Brooks)

The topic of discussion was: why were “the bava ten, I salute you!” top blog commenters all men?  Did gender have something to do with it?

Here’s a few ideas that were bandied about:
1. Fewer women in technology, and fewer still that would post comments.
2. Uncomfortable, afraid of having knowledge challenged aggressively from others.
3. “Imposter Syndrome”: feeling like a fraud in your field, not wanting to be “found out”.

It was interesting to see how many hands shot up when the group was asked, “Who suffers from Imposter Syndrome?”

Bringing Your Blog to Life (Bruce Sharpe)

I entered the session half-way through and was disappointed I had missed the first part. Thankfully, I didn’t miss the section on podcasts. Bruce offered sage advice on interviewing, everything from prepping questions to technical choice (telephone or skype?), type, cost and performance of gadgetry and software needed to capture and edit the interview, where to find creative commons music, video, images, and sound effects. Very informative with lots of handy tips for editing your podcast into a clean, concise, professional piece.

This 30 minute session really excited me. I’ve been thinking about adding podcasts to for a while – now I have the technical savvy of how to go about doing it. The world is my oyster (or earster).

[that’s all you get for now – I don’t put it all out on the first date. Come back tomorrow for summaries of Twitter, Yammer, and More: Bite-size Blogging; Borrowed Content: What’s OK, What’s Not; Explaining Social Media to People Over 30]

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  2. jody says:

    Thanks Jim! Yes, they certainly do rock!

  3. Jim says:

    The two women were Laura Blankenship and Leslie Madsen-Brooks, and they rock! Hope NV was fun this year, and sorry I missed it.