Skype Studio

My good friend/fellow artist Tzaddi Gordon and I have known each other for 20 years.  We met at Emily Carr back in the day when it was still referred to as a “college”.  Straight from Emily we partnered with other students to start Dynamo Arts Association.  Between Dynamo and Emily, Tzaddi and I have banked over 7 years of shared studio space.

After both of us left Dynamo (at the same time – I’d like to think it was because neither of us wanted to work in a shared studio without the other) Tzaddi moved to the Sunshine Coast and started to build her (amazing) web design business.

Building her biz over the past 8 years had taken Tzaddi away from her studio practice.  Recently, she announced plans to start reclaiming studio time for herself.

[insert big fanfare here]

We thought it would be fun to share studio space again.  So we made a date to Skype each other from our studios, working on our individual projects and chatting away like ole times.  A perfect antidote for those long, lonely, isolating days in an unshared studio.

I’ve been longing for the community of a shared studio once again, but I’m sitting on the fence about losing the privacy I’ve become accustomed to.  Virtual studio sharing seems like it might be the cake that I get to eat, too.

Tzaddi and I agreed to a recurring Friday afternoon Studio Skype that we’ll continue as long as it keeps working for both of us.

Sure is great to be making art alongside you again, Tzod. 🙂

What are your thoughts on a virtual studio share?   Would it work for you?  Please add your comments below!

2 Responses to “Skype Studio”

  1. Tzaddi says:

    Oh man, how did I miss this post when you published it?

    It is SO GOOD to be doing our art dates. On days I might otherwise say “OMG Too much to do! Clients! Stuff! All the things!”… I think, I can’t let Jody down. I must make art! And then I come out the other end a Better Human. More relaxed. Believing in art again. Believing in myself as one who makes art 🙂

    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your love and support. Mwah!

    • jody says:

      Well, I’m not so great at foisting my musings on folks (though I’m learning to be better at it).

      I cherish our art dates and I’m thrilled our studio skypes take precedence over “too much”. Believe, Tzaddi, believe.

      PS: I appreciate – and need – the love and support as much as you do, sister…so glad we’re in it together. Mwah! back at you :-).