Sunday Show & Tell #12

I have an extra special treat for you, loyal visitors: a peek into my studio. WARNING – extensive indiscriminate clutter. Parental discretion advised.

Here’s where all the magic happens.
Studio 1
The view from my kitchen looking towards the south wall of the studio. I’m not a big fan of the concept of storing bikes in one’s workspace but a recent locker break-in cum vandalizing session sorta changed my mind on that one.

Studio 2
Central studio tables with assorted and sundry works-in-progress (and, yes, there’s that damn growing turkey that continues to be malformed and disturbing as hell. I’m still waiting for it to return to its original size).

Studio 3
An aerial view of my drawing table and my collection of alcohol-based Promarkers that I sniff draw with.

Studio 4
My sewing table with two headless figures, several pairs of hare’s ears, my beloved Bernina, and lucky hand key chains on back wall.

Studio 5
The back of my studio where Steve is camping out on the hide-a-bed until he finds a place of his own (which proves that I’m such a pack-rat I can’t bear to throw anything out, not even my ex). That darling beast on the bed is the one and only Elvis.

The studio isn’t always this atrocious…just when I’m working well 😉

One Response to “Sunday Show & Tell #12”

  1. Tzaddi says:

    A studio full of work in progress, that is actually progressing no less, sounds kind of like heaven to me 🙂 Your clutter is so *not* atrocious.