Sunday Show & Tell # 36

I had the good fortune of being able to spend part of the holidays over on the Sunshine Coast visiting friends. It was a lovely, lazy time – strolling out to Roberts Creek Point with cups of flavoured steamed milk warming hands and bellies.

Andrew, ever more observant than I (so embarrassing as I am the so-called Visual Artist), spotted this en route:

Fortune Poopie

There were several of these “Fortune Poopies” along the Point.  Wherever a pile of neglected excrement lay, a tiny, profound statement proudly stuck out of it.  The statements – each one different – were lamenated; someone had put a lot of care into crafting these sage shit-signs.

For a moment I thought the project was my friend, Tzaddi’s. It seemed like something she would do – a clever and creative way of venting frustration at her fellow, less responsible, dog owners. Alas, when I asked if she was the creative mastermind ’twas not her.

Is it wrong for me to admit that this might possibly be the best art I’ve seen in quite a while?

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