The One(s) That Got Away

These should have been my new ‘Vogs:


And they were.

For about 36 hours.

That’s how long it took me to own up to reality and face the fact that they really did NOT fit me comfortably. 

While these two-tone, leather wrapped heel beauties felt OK in the store – and looked killah – they did not pass the 20 minute extended try-on test back home.  The insoles, probably meant to be ergonomically engineered, are a poor match for the soles of my feet.  Acupressure in all the wrong places. Ouch.

If I were a vainer creature I wouldn’t care. I’d toss my hair back with a coy flick of the wrist and say, “Comfort schmomfort!” and I’d be parading around in those sassy boots as we speak.

But alas, in addition to being a sensitive artist (yes, even the bottoms of my feet are exceptionally sensitive) I am a practical gal; though the boots are HOT HOT HOT I couldn’t justify shelling out six bills for footwear I might not be able to wear.

Would I shell out three bills for them if my size is still available during the next sale?

I’ll let you know in 6 months.

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