There – Not There

Recompression 2009 is in full swing as I write this.

It is on the Sunshine Coast in Camp Elphinstone and I am not.  Or am I?

Seeing as I couldn’t be with the rest of the gang to represent the Legion of Flying Monkeys I created a pint-size surrogate Jody to send along. After I coloured her pretty and clipped her out I sprayed her with fixative (just so’s she wouldn’t melt should she get caught in the rain).

Here’s the scrap of newsprint she was laid out on when I “fixed” her:

Surrogate Shadow

Sure hope my little proxy is behaving herself.

One Response to “There – Not There”

  1. Jason says:

    I *think* I saw Surrogate Jody at Recompression this year… she was getting into a lot of sticky situations though. I can only hope that no one took lots and lots of pictures of her trials, tribulations and temptations.