Utterly Inflexible

Every time I go to yoga I am shamefully reminded about the results I scored during a flexibility test on a recent trip to Science World.

To take the test you must sit with your legs together straight out in front of you with the bottoms of your feet flat against a board. Bending at the hips you then stretch your straightened arms as far toward your feet as you can. There is a ruler against which you can assess your “score”.

Mine was 9cm.

According to their score chart I am a 65 year old man.

My yoga instructor says some people are just not – and never will be – very flexible.

During practice we are to acknowledge and then let go of any distracting thoughts. Mine are usually about my struggle to be flexible because almost every pose reminds me that I have the flexibility of a 65 year old man.

Irony seems to be inflexible, too.

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