100% Caffeine Free


I’m at the end of my second day sans caffeine.

The good news is, some parts of my body are feeling better. The bad news is, other parts of my body feel worse. The other bad news is that I feel as though at any point in the day I could lay down and be asleep within 5 minutes.

I’m hoping these are temporary, withdrawal type symptoms that will go away after I adjust to a life without caffeine.

And alcohol.

And chocolate.

And pretty much everything else that I enjoy consuming.

If this works, though, I’m ready to admit that the sacrifice is worth it.

Anybody out there done this and can give me an affirmative confirmation?  Or maybe just a bald-faced lie telling me life will return to the way it was with coffee, only better?

3 Responses to “100% Caffeine Free”

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  2. jody says:

    Thanks Jason! Today was better than yesterday. It’s all uphill from here, right?

  3. Jason says:

    I have recently made significant changes to my intake regimen, but not as severe as yours. Try to draw strength from the knowledge that you are exercising self-discipline now that will ultimately flow to other areas of your life and work – it’s true. Also, try not to think of a huge, chocolatey mocha with Baileys in it. Seriously though, hang in there!!!