Hey, do you know about this?

‘course you do. Then again, you are more worldly and get out more than I do.

My dear friends and artistic peers Sharon Kallis and Mr. Fire-Man clued me in.

I’m currently waiting to hear if I may be eligible for the low income subsidy. The standard registration fee, although very reasonable for what it provides, is one third of my budgeted monthly expenses.  Subsidy or no, I may say, “Dammit Jim, the experience and inspiration will be priceless!” and sign up any-the-way.

If I do go, I’m wondering how I could get one of my older, interactive sculptures there.

Hot Dog (1996) is a large, florescent pink and orange, inflatable dog that is attached to a high powered fan.

Hot Dog Front

Hot Dog BackHot Dog Back

The fan is wired to a coin operated timer. A dime will buy you about two minutes of air, which is just enough time to fully inflate the dog. As soon as the fan turns off, the sculpture starts to slowly deflate. It’s quite magical.

I’d like to bring it to Recompression, and then gift everyone a dime so they could participate in its “breathing”.

One Response to “Recompression:2009”

  1. Jason says:

    Please come to Recompression with us – it will be EVER so much fun! Think of it as summer camp in early spring, with flame-throwers and tons of dancing.