k-k. I have absolutely nothing of much interest rattling around in either hemisphere tonight save for an old commercial from my childhood circling around like a buzzard in my brain. Maybe a few of you will recognize it:

NARRATOR: One day when the Turtle was out for a stroll he stumbled upon what he thought was another Turtle.

TURTLE: Who are YOU?!

NARRATOR: Said the Turtle.

ALMONDILLO: I’m an Almondillo.

NARRATOR: Said the Almondillo.

TURTLE: An Almondillo?!

NARRATOR: Said the Turtle.


[this is where the dialogue starts to get fuzzy – I remember the Almondillo talking about his nuts which always threw me and my prepubescent friends into hysterics, etc, etc, fade to Afterschool Special, etc]

Yup, there ya have it. Nothing but chocolate and stupid beer commercials up there tonight (sigh).

Sorry, no refunds.

One Response to “F-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-”

  1. Jeremy says:

    “So if I’M called an Almondillo because I’m made with almonds, why are YOU called a TURTLE?” [turtle pulls head inside shell]