Games People Should Play #1


Steve and I co-authored this would-be activity last summer.
The idea was inspired by two young men who crossed our paths on the Cambie Street bridge. They were frantically pedaling their bicycles toward the downtown core. It was close to midnight. Something in their verbal exchange made us start riffing on “booty call”. Somehow we ended up with “Scavenger Booty”.

The basic premise would be like your common variety scavenger hunt, except that it would be city-wide. Oh, yeah, and the prize would be booty. Not treasure, but booty – literally. Clues as to where the prize could be located would be distributed around town and would lead participants on what they would hope would end up as a wild goose chase (heh).

With some basic organizational effort invested, Scavenger Booty could be bigger than the insanely popular fake-beach Vancouver volleyball league.

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