Full Of Snit

I’m a bit out of sorts today.

All twenty of the drawings on my studio wall are “finished” – finished to the original plan, that is. ‘Course I’ve been living with them so long that now they seem much less extraordinary than when I first started so I am wondering if I need to take them all one step further.

You know, lead them to the edge and then push them over.

I have some ideas, though none that are EUREKA quality.   And, of course, now the drawings are at a point where “preciousness” is becoming an issue – I’m less gung-ho about committing free-fall experimentation on them.

So, I did what I always do when I’m tip-toeing around finishing a piece…I started four new ones. In my defense, there always was a plan for the Survival Games series to include more drawings. My avoidance tactic is not merely an avoidance tactic – it is a planned avoidance tactic. It makes all the difference (trust me…it does).

What I really need to do is host a studio visit with some of my peers. Have them tell me what they see, what’s working, what’s not and/or generally take the piss outta me.

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