You Can Lead A Horse..

On a good studio day I spend quite a lot of time plugged into my Nano.

Normally I listen to music. Obsessively, of course. I tend to binge and purge, listening to the same album over and over and over until I don’t want to listen to it ever again or six months whichever comes first.  Occasionally I’ll listen to comedy (Seinfeld or Leary).

I wondered, though, whether I might be utilizing my studio time in a more educational manner.  You can download just about anything:  academic lectures, talking books, guided meditation.  My six or so hours of listening could – maybe even SHOULD –  be more than mere entertainment.

A month ago I put Anthony Robbins’ The Edge – The Power to Change Your Life Now into my playlist.

I have yet to listen to it.

Proof positive that I am a horse.

Or resistant to change.

I get the those two mixed up all the time.

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