NvC2 Progress Retort

One week into the 30-day No-video Challenge and I am feeling…challenged.

Thinking back on the last time I cut out the talkies I do remember it being difficult.

The second time around feels infinitely more difficult.

It could because the last No-video Challenge took place in August.  In the summer months there are all sorts of alternate activities you can engage in: an evening walk, a bike ride to a night swim, a late beach dinner with sunset.

During winter months it just feels wrong to be trying to do anything outside after the sun goes down.

[That’s because winter is for hibernating, dummy.]

Ummm.  Did you hear that?  I swore I just heard somebody say something.  Anyhow…some folks love winter.  They love snow and they love all the winter sports that snow brings.  Myself?  I’m not one of ’em.

[That’s because you’d rather be hibernating.]

Er…hello?  You heard that, right?



One of my favourite winter activities is to cozy up under a big pile of blankets and watch a juicy series or escape into a movie or two in the afternoon.

[Sounds like you are trying to hibernate.]

OK, I heard THAT.

[Glad you can admit it.  Now, can you admit that you are prone to being less productive in the dark, cold winter and just stop railing against nature?]

I will admit that I’m struggling, but I’m not going to concede.

[There’s popcorn and new batteries for the remote control…]

I am committed to finishing this challenge successfully no matter what you say, Bi-polar Bear Subconscious!

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