Those Kooky Swiss

R – I – I – I – I – I – I –

C O L A – A – A – A – A !
Trying to beat this pesky lingering cough into submission, I bought a package of Ricola. Did you know that Ricola are not sold by weight, but by lozenge? Yes, each package has 17 lozenges. The package I bought did. I counted.

Why 17? I could fabricate a fictitious story about how Swiss doctors conducted an in depth study as to exactly how many lozenges a person would require to alleviate the average sore throat/cough condition and 17 was the medically precise number chosen by the country’s leading physicians. Really, though – who knows why the Swiss do anything? All I know is that they make delish chocolate and are brilliantly precise (my cherished sewing machine is a Bernina).
Whatever the reason is for selling Ricola in packages of 17, you know it has got to be a good one.

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