Yessir, Yessir

Tripping about the neighbourhood, window-shopping, I ended up at knitters’ heaven (aka Three Bags Full @ 30th and Main).  Oh, sweet seduction.

A riot of colour and texture hung in tasty, twisted skeins of merino, alpaca, and cashmere.

A pleasure to both sight and touch.

I’m not a knitter myself, but inside the shop I was converted.

I became obsessed with a wee basket of knitted samples – socks in a variety of styles. These were not the horrific, bulky ordeals that I have always associated with handmade socks. These lovelies were delicate and sculptural. A pair crafted from a silky-thin, buttery-soft merino wool would outshine – and probably outlast – any of the fugly cotton/spandex store bought pairs in my sock drawer.

Now all I want to do is make socks.

Crap – just what I need, another distraction.

One Response to “Yessir, Yessir”

  1. Kentonious says:

    Not knitting but…

    still cool.