Screenplay Thursdays

Screamplay Thursday #9

ARRRGGHHH.  I think I may have killed it.   And not in the good way.

In an attempt to make Newton less of a cookie cutter buddy, I’ve completely rewritten his character.  Which meant rewrites to Paul’s dialogue.  I guess the good news is that it is three pages shorter.

Start on page two of the script, I’ve made changes throughout, although some of it is still familiar.

The Wheel – Draft 5

Screenplay Thursday #8

Here ya go – freshly tweaked throughout –  The Wheel – Draft Four.

As an added bonus – dedicated to my peer group for suggesting the alternate second-to-last scene, which surprisingly I think a prefer –  The Wheel – Draft Four Alternate Ending.

Suggestions?  Comments?  Which pre-ending do you like:  the scene between Kali and Paul, or the one with Kali and Newton?