Retro San Fran (April 22)

Yes…I shoulda been diligently posting from my location in San Francisco, but it didna happen.
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Artventures In Regina: Day 6

My last day in Regina. I spend it at the university, chatting with grad and undergrad students that I have met over the past few days while I monitor the gallery, document the installation, and type away on my computer. I only have a few more hours in this city and it feels entirely comfortable to be spending them in this way. In five days I have become familiar with streets and some locations, particularly the university.
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Artventures In Regina: Day 5

Wednesday morning, show is up, reception is over, gallery is open for business as usual. I have the entire day to putter about on my own in Regina while Barb is getting some work done at the university.
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Artventures In Regina: Day 4

Installation View @1

As expected, lighting is an entirely new truckload of thrills, spills, and surprises (actually, it wasn’t that eventful, but it sounds more exciting if I imply that I fell off the 12 foot ladder on to the concrete floor).
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Artventures In Regina: Day 3

My second morning in Regina and I am back at the gallery bright and early with a full day of washing and painting plinths (note to self: 2-dimensional work eliminates need for plinths).
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Artventures In Regina: Day 2

Empty Gallery #1

Barb and I drive in to the University of Regina this morning and I get my first view of the Fifth Parallel Gallery.
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Artventures In Regina: Day 1

Jody in Prairies

Here I am in Regina. First time in the prairies. It is unseasonably HOT (meaning that it is normally fairly warm here in the summer, but this is above and beyond with high, high humidity. I’m talking the kind of wet hot where just sitting around in the heat is enough to make your panties get soaked through with sweat (and not in a good way).
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